What We’ve Done

We’ve had the opportunity to sprinkle a little blu on some amazing brands.

From Digital Strategies, Technical Designs and Technology Assessments to SEO, Flash, Web, Mobile and App Development – We’ve done it.

Our first client asked us to help them solve a simple but yet critical business challenge: 600-page printed catalog that required weekly updates. It was used across 11 offices by hundreds of customers.

Solution: We built a secure web portal (we don’t believe in print) where all catalog entries were centralized. We rewrote the business process and administration rules and trained the staff to remove reliance on the printed materials.

Results: Single source management and real-time availability of all catalog assets across all office users. Incredible cost-savings on staff management hours and process efficiency improvements.

In our most recent engagement, we built a set of mobile apps for iOS and Android – Simple?

Sure, other than the fact that we were asked to build a single code base to be used for two different brands, which are managed by two different internal teams and both get creative and marketing advice from two different agencies…oh and we integrated data from three different sources. We did it.

The results we’ve helped achieve with each brand are driven by the discipline and collaboration we have within our team and with our awesome partners. In most cases, our work does not include a pretty picture (although we like pretty pictures); but it involves a deeper conversation about how we can make our clients business, technology and marketing come together.